Beer Kingdom
Part 1Why me ?
I did pick the lowest card, but why did we have to draw cards in the first place? I know that His Imperial Majesty Bacchus is all for fairness and chance. And I do not object when we let the cards or dice decide the order in which we'll perform our daily chores. But when it comes to writing, there are others in our little social group who can do much better job, and maybe even enjoy doing it.
So when Emperor Bacchus late last night produced a pack of playing cards and announced: "let's see who's going to write a foreword and a short history of our little Movement for our web site" I did mention Einstein and God and dice. You know, Einstein wrote sometime in 1924 that God does not play dice. As usual His Majesty gave me one of those looks and one of those Mona Lisa meets the Sphinx smiles and shuffled the cards before placing them in front of us.
Needless to say, I lost. So here I'm now, trying to make sense of all this. And it doesn't make my task any easier that we celebrated Alfred Hitchcock's birthday last night.
We were supposed to see THE FAMILY AFFAIR (my favorite), and THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH. They were chosen by a chance drawing, but the local video store did not have them. So E.B. decided we should see the same movies we saw last year, namely 39 STEPS and THE LADY VANISHES. But when we started playing the tape that was clearly marked HITCHCOCK'S BIRTHDAY, something weird happened: there were no Hitchcock's movies on that tape.
Instead we saw some TV shows and documentaries. The first one, and the only one we've managed to see, was a 3 hour docu called Triumph of the Nerds that we saw in one sitting, which is a rare exception to our usual practice of fast forwarding through most of the things we sit down to watch. Documentary is available here .

It was either an amazing coincidence, or EB arranged it all on purpose. With him you never know. In any case he acted as surprised as the rest of us. So if I can only collect my thoughts enough, you too will be able to see why the four of us and EB himself were so astonished by watching some ordinary TV show. Also, you may even find out how it happened that we ended up here. Also, the amazing E.B.'s prophecies will be, at his request, scattered throughout this site, as well as the manual for better living after the WWIII. And many other useful things, such as the cure for insomnia, advises on how to produce a decent moonshine out of some raw materials all of us have in our kitchens, and, last but not least, how to cure hemorrhoids by self-hypnosis. On the other hand, if all this does not make too much sense, the future generations will hopefully know who's to blame.

And it can't be me!

Anyway, I'm too tired to continue right now, so the Day One will have to be tomorrow instead of today.

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