Beer Kingdom
Part 1Day One
Day one of the big enterprise started in an unusually ordinary manner. As usual I was the first one up, and as usual I used the opportunity to use the bathroom extensively without anyone banging on the door and demanding to know why it takes me so long.
I made myself a coffee AND a tea, and I made myself a HAM sandwich, without anyone telling me that red meat is bad for me, or giving me the looks with the message attached.
Now, before I start, EB reminded me last night that this is supposed to be an interactive THING. People (that's you) can send us their (that's yours) opinions, comments, suggestions, money for our beer fund, their pictures in the nude, ideas, drugs, rare coins, SASE, and basically almost anything except explosive devices, although he admitted that they can be lotsa fun as well, providing you don't overdo it.
So here's how to do it : all four of us have our e-mail addresses:
You may wonder how come EB does not have his e-mail address? The explanation can be found in Part 2.

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