Beer Kingdom
Part 4Day One
Incredibly enough the car was where Bill and Lenora told us it would be. If memory serves me right, this is the first time in modern history that something like that happened. Usually we spend from 20 minutes to a couple of hours searching the neighboring streets for our bellowed Bacchusmobile. In many cases we resorted to hypnosis to extract the repressed memories from those who used it last.
It does help that the car itself stands out, and all you have to do is look down the street to notice if there is a lime green Buick Century Luxus anywhere around. This extraordinary vehicle EB got from a Spanish speaking person down near Mission Street for $175.00, down from $600.00, after they spend three days drinking tequila and trying to tell each other so many stories with so few words they both knew - in English and Spanish.
Those of you interested to find out if we liked the movie or not can find an account on it at the beginning of the

Day Two

file. However, while returning from the Castro Movie Theater, and while on our way to find a liquor store, we drove by a recently added attraction to the allure of San Francisco, a sidewalk toilette.


EB asked, and demanded we let him out and give him a quarter to check it out. From the inside, of course.

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