Beer Kingdom
Part 1What is That?

Only a couple of short minutes later, a lively and colorful mixture of homeless people, Street people, small time con artists of all kinds, undercover police officers, German tourists, and some young and well dressed missionaries were all entertained by an unexpected mime show.

EB was running around the greenish kiosk and clapping his hands in wonderment. His face was gleaming, especially that bright red nose. He was gesturing towards the crowd around him, expecting and asking them to join him in hid admiration and his "dance of joy".

Amelia was also very social, making friends all over the place, and borrowing cigarettes, although she smokes "only very occasionally." Lenora and Bill got themselves engaged in a serious discussion with some not so young Germans about differences between Europe and America in terms of fighting crime. They did not have to quote Kant more than twice, and Hegel only once, to all of a sudden start sharing a content of a bottle hidden in a brown paper bag. And I tried to pretend I was not part of the group.
Alas, I couldn't pretend for long. EB was in the middle of an larger and larger group of people and in that famous nasal voice that hypnotizes the masses (or is supposed to do so after The Beer Kingdom becomes an established reality, I've forgotten which) was talking about the "moderate progress". We'll get to the source of that particular idea a little later.
Needless to say, the idea of the illusion of freedom, among other things, appealed to this mostly marginal crowd, most of which did not care much for the established authority. The idea of a moderate progress towards "more freedom" was not to their liking. They were mostly for quick fixing of our failed system. But the promise of a "freedom to drink in public", and "much cheaper beer, wine and alcohol", was something they were immediately relating to.

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