Beer Kingdom
Part 2What is That?
While only half listening the condemnation of an unfair practice where beer drinkers and cigarette smokers support through exuberant taxes the frozen yogurt eaters, I've been observing a pair of nicely tanned legs and a goose bumped skin of a certain young lady who underestimated the temperature of the Pacific wind.

I can write this because Amelia gave me the permission to observe to my heart content, even and especially when I'm with her. "Eeet's zeee Europeean tteeng," is how she nicely put it. She also gave me permission to sin in my heart, but to be careful what I do with some other organs.

How EB got so fast from the promise of lavish free Roman style baths and bathrooms to all legal citizens of our Beer Kingdom to the Art of Theater is a task only he is capable of. In any case, I did not get any further than the knee in my observation when he extended both arms towards me and said: "That's the man!"
Hundreds of people turned and looked at me. That's the man, EB continued, who once directed a play which entire action takes place in a public restroom. I opened my mouth to protest that it was all his idea, that he was the one who brought the play to me, but he continued.
It was a romantic comedy. A wonderful, funny play full of wonderful ideas. But did the critics mention it? Did they write reviews? No! They ignored it completely because of its subject matter. Some things around here are still taboos! But using the method of moderate progress, we are going to get rid of those taboos. And how is that going to happen? I'll tell you dear friends, but only after we hear the monologue from the show.
And here again he extended his hands towards me. And again everyone turned to look at me.

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