Beer Kingdom
Part 4What is That?
And there I was at one of the most famous spots on this planet, being asked to do a monologue from the worse show I ever did. I was praying for an earthquake or at least a storm or some other natural calamity, when help came from the other side. Cops, said Amelia. And not very loud too.
But it was enough. My perspective audience dispersed in many different directions. Bill run to get our car from in front of Woolworth, and we all got in and I never felt more gratitude towards anyone in my life than I did towards Amelia in that moment. I squeezed her hand and she leaned towards me and whispered in my ear: "don't feel to relieved, you'll pay me back later".
And just when I started pondering what she may had in mind, she elbowed me: "relax, I'm just kidding." And she and the rest of them kept waving to their friends outside as we were inching through heavy traffic up Market Street.

No wonder I'm crazy about that woman.

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I can't wait to tell you how we first met.

But that goes even beyond DAY TWO

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