Beer Kingdom
Part 3What is That?
Dear friends, I don't know if you've noticed from the tone of this writing that I did not welcome this sudden attention. There are many activities that I enjoy much more than reciting monologues that I can barely if at all remember to a delirious and very unpredictable crowd.
I acted in that play by "a very interesting East-European (again!) author" whose short bio EB had to invent for our show's program because he did not know anything about that guy. If I remember it right, they met in a bar in Chicago and the interesting author gave a copy of his play to our dear EB who managed to lose the envelope with the contact phone number and a contact address. EB was hoping that the guy would somehow find out we did his play and surprise us by appearing for the opening night. I am sure glad he didn't.
The show was as close to a total disaster as I, as a guy who plays it safer than safe could get. I think that by agreeing to direct that play I've caused the biggest migration from CC since the grasshoppers invasion in 1892.

I've never seen so many people run home straight from the rehearsal to announce a garage sale and give away whatever they couldn't sell in thirty minutes only to leave town without even stopping to say goodbye to the friends they've spent years and years with.

The show went into a slow and than faster and faster regress, from an ideal cast to replacement after replacement until finally I ended up playing the lead and Jessica, the seven eleven girl, with a butt as big as the Mid-West ended up playing the East European (again!) mystery girl. Which all provided for a lot of unintentionally funny moments.
If only we could gather enough stamina to go in front of the audience for a few more nights, we may've had a cult show on our hands, one that could tour colleges all the way to Chicago and Minneapolis.

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