Beer Kingdom
Part 1


First, I must spend some time complaining about the important role them East Europeans are playing in my life. And, if The Beer Kingdom is ever established, it will appear that their role was decisive about the course history will take from now on.

Are they different than the rest of us? Definitely so.

Still, I think it's a kind of a discrimination that they do not allow any non-East Europeans into the highest echelons of power.

Not only that Amelia is most certainly EE but EB must be one to.

The guy who came up with the idea for BK was no doubt EE but he never benefited from his idea.

The guy who is our very important founding father is also Eastern European.

Second, I promised to tell you about the movie THE SYNTHETIC PLEASURES. Nora summed it up nicely: it's like those two KOYANISQUATSY and POWATSQATSY or something like that. That means they have moments of visual beauty and some nice editing, (and one had a catchy music, but we've forgotten which one) but their message is all the same: "our world is out of balance, and we'll pay dearly for neglecting the environment and for our emphasis on material versus spiritual." So, what else is new?
Now that those two things are out of the way, let me refill my glass and I'll start the story. Some people (especially those that are part of the story) may not like it, but there are parts about myself that I would much rather not tell. I know that Miss Goldman thinks that for me this is a kind of a therapy, that I'm just trying to purge myself, to put things out into the open.


Even if I'm aware that it is so, I can't help it, I feel that I simply must tell it all. Especially the part about Iron.

And EB was right, as much as I hate to admit it, everything did start with Comrade Iron.
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