Beer Kingdom
Part 1East Europeans
As I said already, I couldn't help noticing that there's too many East Europeans around.

We do not know much about EB except that the personal documents that he uses are not his. The name that he's using in this country is his friend's name and he had to assume his friend's identity in order to stay legally. But there are strong indications that he is from one of the East European countries.

The same goes for Amelia, who took that name, Amelia Goldman, so that she won't be directly responsible for her mother's possible death. And than the guy who send our friend Comrade Iron to audition us, and is still paying our bills, he (if he exists at all, and if that money is really his) must be an East European.

Now, I always imagined East Europeans as one noisy bunch, obnoxious, always smoking, drinking, arguing, moody, unpredictable, self-destructive, and permanently ready for some casual sex. And, naturally, they do not have the same regard for human life as we do.

As one of them so nicely put it: "life is not everything". One of the first stories EB told us, well, actually it was only me who was present at the time, was the story about the:


After he told me that story there was no doubt in my mind that he is somewhere from the part of the world so nicely depicted in it.

He told me that story to illustrate his point: the problem with the American policy, both foreign and domestic, is that there is no consistency. Laws and rules within the social contract are to be respected without exception until we all decide it is time to change them. Otherwise, the society is doomed to disintegrate into chaos and anarchy.

I don't know if the story proves anything, or has such a merit as he would like it to, but I wrote it down (the way I remember it) and you be the judge.

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