Beer Kingdom
It seems that a guy EB knew well (but in my humble opinion it must've been EB himself) traveled through a very remote part of one of the Eastern European countries.

At some point he took a bus between two small towns, but the ride proved to be longer than he expected due to the very bad road, and due to too many stops wherever there was a tavern by the road, where the driver and his "assistant" always had complimentary drinks.

As our hero was the only passenger who was not from that area, the driver felt obliged to put him next to himself and to act as a tour guide. He was glad to inform our traveler about the history and significance of every building or a bridge, or any hill or a mountain peak that they encountered.

Finally, when they were almost at the end of their journey, they passed by a strange structure: there was an old diving platform in the middle of the rocky field. The driver smiled when he saw the puzzled look on our friend's face.

And that is the famous swimming pool in the village of P. , he said.

Without waiting to be asked, he told our friend the story: it appears that sometime during the 50's the village of P. was blessed with the arrival of a very ambitious young school teacher.

As the country where this took place, together with the rest of EE, was under Communism, some young people were still full of enthusiasm and under the impression they are making this world a better place.

In any case the young teacher soon upon arrival made his plans clear: he wanted to improve dramatically life in this remote and poor village.

He wanted to build a small post office, a covered bus stop with a rest room, a small library, a small radio station, and a gym. But first of all, he announced, he would like to build a swimming pool.

The people in that area are naturally skeptical, and all this sounded so incredible that they suspected that the young teacher must've consumed some of the local brandy, notorious for its potency.

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