Beer Kingdom
But the young teacher was not wasting any time. He organized some factories from the city to donate the material, and he went house to house to ask people to volunteer some work, plus he already got the plan from an architect, a friend of his, and he got the permission to build the pool on a small stretch of public land.
He organized people into the working brigades, and little by little his enthusiasm caught up. Skepticism disappeared, and the villagers were pleasantly surprised to see that the "big hole" was getting into the right shape, resembling the drawing they saw on the comrade architect's plan.

But one family refused to be a part of it.

Not only that certain "Peter" refused to work with the other's but he forbade the members of his family to participate in anything that the crazy "teach" came up with.

He didn't stop there: he would sit on the side of the construction site and ridicule his fellow villagers, making fun of their efforts, and spreading doubts that their work will ever be done. Once, when the heavy storm ruined the two week effort, he was deliriously happy and it took our young teacher a considerable amount of persuasion and diplomacy to convince people to come back and continue working.

As a consequence, the teacher called a meeting and announced that those who did not participate in building of the pool will have no right to use it.

Peter vowed that nobody from his family will ever "wet their feet in that pool, that would probably never be finished anyway." But the pool got finished and just in time for summer. And the village of P., became the talk of the province.

The journalists came and took pictures, the delegations came from the big city. And the villagers started believing that they really can build all the things the their teacher planned for them.

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