Beer Kingdom
True to his word, Peter did not come near the pool. But his kids came almost daily and sat behind the fence, looking at those inside. After a few days some women asked if they should allow Peter's kids to come inside.

Someone responded that Peter's kids, together with Peter, sabotaged their work, and once filled the newly dug out hole with rocks, which delayed their work for a few days.

The subject was temporarily dropped, but in a few days women started whispering that "the poor kids are innocent", and it wasn't long before the men relented and allowed Peter's kids to join them.

And pretty soon Peter's wife came to see what the kids were doing, so they invited her too. To make a long story short, when our teacher, who was away asking for donations so he can continue his work, came back, he saw the whole Peter's family by the pool, together with everybody else.

He turned around and left the village of P. never to come back. In the fall the authorities from the city send a new teacher, and the villagers told him about the plans and they all agreed to proceed with the bus stop. But on the day when the works were supposed to start nobody showed up. So the work never even started.

And as for the pool, it lasted only one more summer. The villagers couldn't decide who should clean up the pool in the spring. Neglected, the pool was soon filled up with mud. And Peter's prophecy that it's impossible to have a pool in their backward area was fulfilled.


Anyway, I decided to go to the library and see if they've got something about the East Europeans because I won't rest until I get to the bottom of this!

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