Beer Kingdom
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I was not too happy when EB announced that he would love to accompany me to the New San Francisco Public Library.

It's been months since it's opened, and we waited for the initial interest and hype to subdue, so that we can start checking out books again. My question this morning "would anyone like to walk to the library with me" was highly rhetorical.

All I wanted was to be alone for a while, to run into the library, renew my library card, find some materials about Eastern Europe and come back home and try and find out if there are any big secrets about that part of the World. Like some big conspiracy, some secret society, or some natural explanation to their peculiar behavior: something about the water, air, soil, or some ancient curse, combined with the strain of genetic defects.

You know, a mother nature's experiment gone awry. Creators practical joke. Stuff like that.

I must say that EB behaved himself on the way to the library. He was not too hyper, probably because it was too hot for his taste, and he lamented the sad case of Beer Kingdom's slow progress towards realization.

I reminded him that moderate progress is what our movement is all about. He agreed but pointed out that the only thing he would like to progress faster is our moving to our new HQ in the North.

At the library he found much more to grouch about. It didn't help that today happened to be Friday so the building was filled with school children running around and screaming. Also there were still a lot of people who came only to admire the innovative architecture.

The first place he visited was the restroom and he found it mostly to his satisfaction. But everything else was pretty much, according to him, a disaster. After walking around and examining everything with a critical eye, he stood in the middle of the atrium and his nasal voice echoed throughout the entire building: "excuse me, can someone please point me towards the books!"

As nobody seemed to be eager to come and satisfy this demand, he explained to the security guy who immediately appeared and kept a safe distance that this would be the same as if someone built a wonderful bar that would look nice, have all the amenities that a bar should have except one tiny little thing: drinks!

The security guy seemed to agree on this one and the two of them started talking and a few other security people surrounded them, so I gestured to EB to wait for me there and I left to look for books about Eastern Europe.

Maybe I've run into wrong people, but those two library employees that I've asked about East European section looked confused and suddenly suspicious.

To make a long story short, all I found on my own after realizing that EB was right in one thing: people who work there are better acquainted with the building's specifics and specifications than about the book's locations, I found only two books that I decided to look into, and they were both Life World Library illustrated books:

EASTERN EUROPE, from 1965 and THE BALKANS, from 1964.

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