Beer Kingdom
Part 3Library (2)
I found EB where I left him, surrounded by a dozen security people and a similar number of library visitors. He was talking and gesturing wildly and they were interrupting him with salves of laughter.
While I waited in line to check the books out, the chief of security came and send his subordinates to their abandoned posts.

It appears that the diversion EB has created have helped certain individuals to further deplete the library's already reduced book fund.

EB was in a much better mood when he rejoined me. He was now ready for some socializing, but I told him we better hurry back, because I intended to study the books before we start celebrating Sergei Eisenstein's birthday. What that meant was that we'll be drinking the genuine Russian vodkas, while watching silent Russian movies, that I didn't really care much for.
What I really wanted was to have a light supper and withdraw to my room so I can study the books that I found and finally find out what those East Europeans are about.
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