Beer Kingdom
Part 2Day One
EB lives in a different time. In order to distance himself from the everyday unsettling news and in order to be able to react to the event from a time distance, he is approximately between 2 and 3 months behind current events.

Purposely he tries not to enter the Drinking Room when we are watching the News on TV and he tries not to look towards the coffee table where we usually keep the daily newspaper. After we are done with the paper, we fold it and put it on a pile in the cupboard. When the pile reaches certain height, he takes them into his room and reads them when their turn comes, but they have to be at least two months old.

We did question this practice (well, I did) on the basis of its impracticality, but he defended it (not very successfully) by demanding that we tolerate some little eccentricities, especially if they are almost harmless. And don't cost anything. In other words, you may send e-mail for Bacchus but do not expect him to respond anytime soon.
Also, last night while I was having a good time, I remembered what I'll be doing the next morning (that is now) and it affected my mood in a very negative way.

I went to EB and (only half jokingly) inquired wouldn't it be much simpler if we just put an add in the paper announcing that we are ready to mail answers to those all-important questions (you know: mystery of this, reason for that, purpose, where did we came from, where are we going, is there sex before or after death and such stuff) and those interested should mail us a dollar per question plus a SASE.

He laughed, he pinched my cheek and twisted it, he poured me another drink and asked Amelia if she would like to respond to that. She sure did, and in that terrible accent that some people may find charming, she whispered:

Ah-meh-rrreekahns, they don't appreciate aneetteeng unless they had to suffer or pay dearly to gett eett.

And pay they will! I was more than ready to finally get down to writing the history of our Movement. My head was almost clear, due mostly to the fact that last night we didn't celebrate any birthdays.

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