Beer Kingdom
Part 1Triumph of the Nerds
As the movie we saw last night was at least 3 hours long, after it was finished we went straight to bed. In the morning, however, we felt compelled to discuss it a little. As usual, at first we concentrated on the trivial. Bill said how he was amazed to see that those guys portrayed in the documentary appeared to be very immature, and yet they managed to change the lives of very many people.
Amelia responded that Hitler, Goebels, Eichman, and Hess too have changed the world and affected lives of a number of people. Nobody seemed to perceive this remark worthy of a response, so we left it at that.

But now I feel a great need to insert a comment that Miss Amelia Goldman (the Anarchist of our group) has been a harsh critic of corporate America and sometimes even of America in general. Which did prompt some of us to almost demand that she get on the boat and go back to wherever it is that she came from.

I hope that you Mr. Gates, you Mr. Ellison, you Mr. Joy, and you Mr. Jobbs, will find it in your heart to forgive her, but in any case please rest assured that her opinions are not shared by the rest of our group.
There was a lady interviewed for the movie. Apparently she attended some conference where Bill Gates was presenting a new software. For some reason she decided to share with us her observation that Mr. Gates was working so hard he did not take 10 minutes of his work to take a shower. Subsequently, he did not smell his very best during the presentation in the morning. Later in the program Mr. Jobbs opined that Microsoft people are doing a good job, but they have no style.

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