Beer Kingdom
Part 2Triumph of the Nerds
Bacchus dismissed those accusations while reminding us: "well, my friends, you've probably noticed that I myself sometimes do not smell my very best.... (nods and voices of approval from everyone present) Plus, when I get into the limelight and start attracting attention, people will notice much worse things about me, than they did about the poor Gates.... (more nods and exclamations such as "definitely", "that's for sure", etc.) See, we geniuses sometimes do forget about the trivial little things, so concentrated we are on the task ahead"...
Amelia interrupted to ask if he did think Bill Gates to be a genius. ET sighed and told us to wait, went into his room and came back with a file folder under his arm. It was a dusty folder and he wouldn't let anyone of us come near him while he was searching through it.
Well, it was a beautiful day and we've planned to make some pink lemonade, spike it with vodka, and go to the park and discuss Opium eating habits of Thomas Dequinci, whose birthday we kinda celebrated last night. And it was obvious that EB couldn't find what he was looking for.

He kept finding some other stuff, though, which kept him in a good mood. He kept giggling while looking at some old postcards, newspaper clippings, letters, photographs, tags and receipts that he took out of those files and he was very careful to put them back again, although not always into the same file that they came from. But we were careful not to comment or say anything, because we were still hopeful that his explanation will come before it's too late to go to the park.

It was some 45 minutes into the search, when EB suddenly emitted a strange noise, and pulled a floppy disk from one of the files.... "So that's where it was", he exclaimed before kissing the disk and placing it into his shirt pocket. Than he gave us a look as if he was wondering what on Earth we were still doing there. He lifted his index finger into the air and disappeared one more time into his room. This time he was absent for only some ten minutes.
When he came back he proudly handed me a book whose cover had been torn of. "You'll find it underlined on page 153," he said. Off to the park we went and after finding a nice spot in the shade, and after I helped myself to a few good swigs of the lemonade, I opened the book on page 153.

This is what His Majesty had underlined, and what he thought may have some relevance on the case of the Sillicon Valley Nerds.

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