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14 April 1999

-----------------> Firsthand Reporting on Civilian Casualties
---------------------------------------> Environmental Impact
---------------------------------------------> News Headlines
----------------------------------------> Media in the Region
---------------------> Commentary from Gonsalves, Zunes & IPA

Firsthand Reporting on Civilian Casualties

Robert Fisk of the London-based daily Independent looks
at civilian casualties from the train bombing and in
a Belgrade hospital, while Paul Watson of the Los Angeles
Times writes about the targets in Kosovo that aren't
mentioned during NATO briefings.

NATO attack on train kills ten (4-13-99)

'Collateral damage' lies dying in a shattered Belgrade hospital
by Robert Fisk (4-14-99)

Not-So-Smart Weapons Are Terrifying Civilians
by Paul Watson (4-14-99)

Environmental Impact

There hasn't been much discussion of the environmental impact of
the bombing or weapons being used. The U.S.-based media watch
group FAIR cites a San Francisco Examiner article as one of the
few to mention the effects of depleted uranium ammunition.

A New Chernobyl in the Balkans
by Natasha Dokovska, Environmental News Service (4-13-99)

NATO'S "Astonishing" Radioactive Weapons (4-13-99)

Vets rip plan for uranium bullets
by Kathleen Sullivan, San Francisco Examiner (4-1-99)


News Headlines

NATO Hits Convoy in Kosovo (4-14-99)

Count Corporate America Among NATO's Staunchest Allies (4-13-99)

As NATO Meeting Nears, Security Tops the Agenda in D.C. (4-14-99)

Campbell Issues War Ultimatum (4-14-99)

Draft Dodgers Refuse to Wage Milosevic's War (4-14-99)


New York's Kosovo Kingpin
by Jason Vest, Village Voice (4/14-20)

Media in the Region

A journalist reported dead is alive and working on creating a
free newspaper to distribute to refugees. The staff of radio
station B92 issues a statement on the government takeover
of their station. Plus a look at government media in Belgrade.

Back from the dead
by Laura Rozen, Salon (4-14-99)

Will the Real Radio B92 Please Stand Up! (4-13-99)

Must-Bleed TV
by "Robert Gladreeper," New Republic (4/26-5/3)

Clinton's Other War

With the focus on the war in Yugoslavia, attention has shifted
away from the bombing of Iraq. Patrick Cockburn shows that
what happens in Kosovo will affect policy in Iraq. And
Mother Jones gives an update.

US offers armed support to Kurds
by Patrick Cockburn (4-14-99)

Clinton's Other War
by J.J. Richardson, MoJo Wire (4-6-99)

Commentary from Gonsalves, Zunes & IPA

Anti-war is not anti-American
by Sean Gonsalves (4-13-99)

A Tragic Miscalculation
by Stephen Zunes (4-13-99)

Balkan Fallout From NATO Bombing
Zoltan Grossman

Grossman, a geographer at the University of Wisconsin, said:
"NATO claims the bombing of Yugoslavia is a 'humanitarian
intervention' to prevent the ethnic cleansing, but the bombing
and the ethnic cleansing actually feed off of each other. NATO claims
that it favors a multi-ethnic future for Kosovo and the rest of the
Balkans -- yet a 1995 offensive by the Croatian army ethnically
cleansed at least 100,000 Serbs from the Krajina region.

"Washington not only failed to object to that violent ethnic cleansing
but actually helped facilitate it. Some of those expelled Serbs
resettled in Kosovo, exacerbating the ethnic tensions that have now
erupted into war. In the Dayton Accords, the U.S. continued to
undermine the prospects for multi-ethnic cooperation in Bosnia.
Now we are told that the NATO bombers are attacking Milosevic and
'the Serbs.' Yet bombs have fallen on neutral Montenegro, the
ethnically Hungarian northern region of Vojvodina in Yugoslavia
and Serbian democratic opposition cities such as Nis. The war may
yet result in the ethnic partition of what remains of Yugoslavia
into two or three countries."

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