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Zajedno leaders Vuk Draskovic and Zoran Djindjic told Radio B92 on Sunday that protest rallies against the November election fraud had finished on Saturday, but that demonstrations would resume on March 9 if the Serbian government failed to liberate the media by that date.

Mr Draskovic said that the suspension of protests was intended to show that Zajedno was prepared enter a dialogue with the government, although he did not believe that it would have a positive outcome.

``Milosevic has committed himself to developing the media, to passing a new electoral law, to providing fully democratic conditions for the forthcoming elections. We are prepared to negotiate, although we already know that nothing will come of it. After that we shall have the right, according to the Gonzalez report, to struggle in the streets for the implementation of the basic part of that report,'' said Mr Draskovic.

Mr Djindjic noted that other forms of protest were still continuing, the student protest, the evening noise protest at the media blockade and the strikes.

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