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On Wednesday, the 5th March, the members of the Initiative and Main Board of the Student Protest managed to enter the building where the Chancellor's office is. Most of them entered through a window, whereas a smaller group got in through a passage between that building and the School of Philosophy. Still in the building, they have the attention of remaining there until the Chancellor resigns.

As long as this situation is taking place in Belgrade, on this page you will be able to find the latest news about the happenings here, so reload this page often.

Latest Events Updated
Education Minister Threatens to Stop University Funding 10.03.1997 (22:35 GMT)
University President Lacks Credibility Among Students 09.03.1997 (18:35 GMT)
Demand For Government Dismissal 09.03.1997 (18:25 GMT)
107th Students' Protest Walk 08.03.1997 (23:50 GMT)
CHANCELLOR RESIGNED!!! 07.03.1997 (12:45 GMT)
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