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was a popular name of a protest in Kolarceva street, when the students stood in front of a riot police cordon for a week (19th - 27th January 1997). Loudspeakers where placed there and music was played to warm up the students.




is a very fashionable part of
Belgrade where most officials, including president Milosevic, live. In time, it has become the symbol for this corrupted regime.


is the Chancellor of the
University of Belgrade. At first, he completely ignored the protest but later said that it was just a smaller group of fascists. Because of that, his resignation was added to the list of students' demands.


is Serbian for Student ID. It is a red booklet that you often see (also on this Web page's logo). It is NOT a membership card of any party.


are an alternative form of protesting which is sometimes used when the regime decides to ban the normal walks. The students first stop in front of the cordon, then form a circle and walk as the prisoners do. It is a way to symbolically present Serbia as a huge prison.


YUgoslav Leftists, is a political organization created and led by Mirjana Markovic, the wife of
president Milosevic. Its is supported mostly by extreme leftists. Although still a young organization it has an immense influence on most state institutions.


is an area in front of the School of Philosophy where the students usually gathered before the walks. The Chancellors office is also at Plateau, opposite of the Philosophy School.

RADIO B92 (Belgrade 92)

is one of just two independent radio stations in Belgrade (92,5 MHz). The other one is
Radio Index. At the beginning of the protest its broadcasting was obstructed by the regime. After a few days its work continued as a result of the international diplomatic pressure. A link to its home page is available from this page.


is one of just two independent radio stations in Belgrade (88,9 MHz). The other one is
Radio B92. Most of its workers are students. It was founded by the University of Belgrade. A link to its home page is available from this page.


Serbian Radio and Television, is a state broadcasting company, completely controlled by the government. Its three TV channels and many radio programmes are the only media available throughout Serbia. During the wars in Croatia and Bosnia it was famous for its militant and nationalistic propaganda. During the elections it almost completely ignored the opposition campaign. Now, the reports concerning the protests are extremely one-sided if there are any at all.


is the current president of Serbia and


Socialist Party of Serbia, is the party currently in power in Serbia. It is actually the former Communist Party of Serbia that has changed its name with the disappearance of the main communist regimes worldwide in order to avoid the name that was no longer desirable. However, that did not prevent the newly created party to take over all the possessions of the Communist Party. Its president is Slobodan Milosevic, the current president of Serbia.


is the leader of the Citizens` Association of Serbia. See


is the leader of the
Serbian Renewal Movement. See ZAJEDNO.


is the most often way of protesting. The students gather at one place (usually at the Plateau in front of the school of Philosophy) and then
walk through the city. They are often joined by professors, artists, writers, scientists, academicians, actors... See JAILWALKS.

ZAJEDNO (Eng. Together)

is a coalition formed by the opposition parties:
Democratic Party, Serbian Renewal Movement and Citizens' Association of Serbia. The Serbian Democratic Party is a member on federal scale only. According to the OSCE Commission this coalition has won the municipal elections in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Nis, and many other cities and towns. Those results were illegally annulled in fourteen of those towns, which was the direct motive for the protests.


is the leader of the
Democratic Party. See ZAJEDNO.

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