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We, the students of The Belgrade University, support the citizens of Serbia who demand protection of their guaranteed Constitutional rights. A brutal violation of law and annihilation of the regular electoral results are an unprecedented attack on the basic principles of democracy. We are not taking sides between the party in power and the opposition - what insist upon is the rule of the law. Any government which is not willing to acknowledge its own electoral defeat does not deserve our support and we overtly oppose it.

Therefore, we demand:

  1. The recognition of the election results based on the authentic records of the second round of the elections held on 17th November 1996, according to the OSCE report, whose committee was invited by the authorities of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and commencing an investigation to determine the responsibilities for the election theft.

  2. A resignation of the Chancellor of The Belgrade University, Prof. Dragutin Velickovic because of his ignorance of our protest and our demands. His communication with the students based on orders and interdictions is not acceptable.

  3. A resignation of the student-vice-chancellor of the Belgrade University, Vojin Djurdjevic, who no more represents the students, but the party in power.

We appeal on all the participants of the current political crisis to abstain from any violence.

The students of The Belgrade University will endure in their protest.

Democracy Now!
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