potpisnici apela

R.Mileusnic (R.Mileusnic@open.ac.uk)
18 Dec 1996 12:39:03 +0000

Postovana Gosp. M.Saponja,
apel je prevazusao sva ocekivanja, te su se javili i intelektualci iz svih
krajeva sveta; zato Vam saljem spisak dopunjem imenima potpisnika prispelih
tokom protekla 3 dana.
Posto ne mogu da dobijem fax Studentskog protesta, molim Vas da ovaj dokument
dostavite i stidentima.

S postovanjem
Radmila Mileusnic (Buca)

Statement of support for the citizensŐ struggle for democracy in Serbia

For the past 21 days many thousands of citizens and students of Belgrade
University together with those from other towns throughout Serbia and
Montenegro have been peacefully protesting against the denial of democracy by
the President, Slobodan Milosevic. Milosevic and the Serbian authorities have
refused to accept the democratic victory of the opposition parties in the
recent local government elections. The students are publicly supported by more
than 1200 university professors. From 9th December 1996, theatres in Belgrade
shut down their stage lights in solidarity with the students and to express
their feelings about the anti-democratic arrogance of the Serbian regime.

Intellectuals - academics, writers, artists and actors from most European
countries, including France and Germany - have expressed their support to the
new generation of Serbia for their courage and strong will for change, for
their right to a better and wiser future.

So far British universities and intellectuals are silent.

If you wish to break that silence, please could you endorse the following
statement of support and return it to

Radmila Mileusnic
Former Professor of Biochemistry, School of Medicine, Belgrade.

Miroslav Simic
Former Professor of Immunology, School of Medicine, Belgrade.

Because the Serbian authorities are also interfering with free communication,
including the email system, we ask you to distribute the statement to friends
and colleagues, asking them to send their message of support to us, and we
will forward it to Belgrade. We will also release the statement together with
the list of signatories to the British press.

tel: 01908 691-601
01908 654-199
fax: 01908 654 167
E-mail: r.mileusnic@open.ac.uk


We British intellectuals, academics and students declare our solidarity with
the struggle led by the students of Belgrade University together with students
and intelligentsia from all over Serbia who are demanding that the Serbian
government led by Slobodan Milosovic respect

(i) The democratic outcome of the recent local elections.
(ii) Human rights including the freedom peacefully to express political
iii) To rejoin the democratic culture of Europe.

Great Britain:

Professor Steven Rose, The Open University, Milton Keynes
Professor Hilary Rose, Emeritus Professor, University of Bradford
W.C.Russel, FRSE, Emeritus Professor, University of St Andrew's, Scotland
Lesly Brent, Emeritus Professor, University of London
Professor Anthony Dickenson, University College London
Professor I. Aleksander, F.Eng, Imperial College of Science, London
Professor Eric Clarcke, University of Sheffield
Professor Sandra E File, Guy's Hospital, UMDS
Professor Donald Mackenzie, University of Edinburgh
Dr Harmke Kammings, University of Cambridge
Jerome Ravetz, The Research Methods Consultancy Ltd
Zoe Hughes, University College London
Simon Parsons, Queen Mary and Westfield College, London
Paul Zawalnyski, Reynolds Medical Ltd. Edinburgh
Dr Christian Cholscher, Trinity College, Dublin
Paul Taylor, University College London Medical School
Vincent McCormack, University of Ulster
Sean Munro, University of Cambridge
Dr C H Large, GlaxoWellcome Plc
Ijsbrand Kramer, University College London
Paul Willner, University of Wales Swansea
Mike Bovingdon, University College London
Clare Stanford,University College London
Dr David Flavell, University College London School of Medicine
Dr Adam Price, Head Master, Bangor College
Dr Philip Tucker, University of Wales Swansea
Tim Ambler, London Buisness School, London
Jeremy Gale, Pfizer Comp.
Philip Heard, University of Wales Swansea
J. McKnight, University of Wales Swansea
Dr Tim Bliss, National Institute for Medical researc, Mill Hill
Simon Folkard, University of Wales Swansea
Martin Rees, Cambridge University
Dr Jill Saffrey, The Open University
Dr Dmitri Rusakov, The Open University
P.J.K.McGowan, The Open University
Ann Oakley, IOE
J.M.K.Simmons, The Open University
Vivien Bacigalupo, The Open University
Dr John A Vaccaro, The Open University
Dr G.C.Basiro Davey, Director of Teaching, The Open University
Dr Fred Toates, The Open University
Michale Russell, Postgraduate student, The Open University
John Wilkinson, The Open University
Dr Mary Bell, The Open University
Dr R.S.Mackintosh, The Open University
Dr TS Whatson, The Open University
Dr Henry J. Leese, University of York
Martin Rees, Cambridge University
Sujatha Raman, Lancaster University
De Mammo Muchie, Middlesex University
Jennifer Hardley, postgraduate student, University College London
Professor Anthea Tinker, King's College London
Professor Richard Bentall, University of Liverpool
Dr MaeWan Ho, The Open University
Dr Joan Mason, The Open University
Dr David Clark, Welcome Trust Senior Lecturer
Viki Burnage, The Open University
Dr Lindsay Roberts, The Open University
Lynette Hunter, Leeds University
Christopher Jarvis, University of Edinburgh
Mr Marek Kohn, London
Yuval-Davis Nira, Greenwich University
Jane Calvert, University of Newcastle
Dr Alex Cattan, Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle
Dr Philip Bradley, Medical School, New Castle
Ms Jean Holley, The Open University
DR Ruth McNally, Brunel University
Professor R.Jefferis, Birmingham University
Nancy Lane, Cambridge University
Dr Diana Leonard, University of London


Kjell R. Soleim, Ass.Professor, University of Bergen
Dr Kalle Reichelt, Pediatric Research Institute, Oslo
Profesor Harriet Bjerrum Nielsen
Sidsel P. Aarseth, University Oslo
Tone Schou Wetlesen, Institute for Sociology, Oslo
Professor Gro Hagemann, University of Oslo

Professor Inga Wernersson, University of Goteborg
Dr Eva Ericsson, Lund University

Professor Malgorzata Kossut, Nenzcki Institute, Warszaw

Dr Terttu Luukkonen, technical research centre of Finland
Marja Alestalo, University of helsinki

Dr Francoise Praderie, C.N.R.S., Paris
Dr Dragan Djordjijevic, INSERM, Paris
Dr Jacques Epelbaum, INSSERM, Paris
Dr Dominique Bataille, Director, INSERM, Montpellier
Dr Chris Henderson, INSERM, Marseille
Dr Odile Delapeyr, INSERM, Maeseille


Professor Patricia Joseph-Bravo, Ntional University of Mexico
Dr Xavier Soberon, Institute of Biotechnology, National University of Mexico
Dr Edgar Valencia, National University of Mexico
Dr Augustin Lopez, National University of Mexico
Alejandra Bravo, National University of Mexico
Professo Rodolpho Quintero-Ramirez, Institute for Biotechnology, Mexico
Claudis Diaz, University of Mexico


Professor Stephen Johnston, University of Technology, Sydney
Adele Seccombe, University of Sydney
Silvia Gonzalez-Ariki, University of Sydney
Dr Peter Dodd, NHMRC
Dr Tom Burns, University of New England
Dr John Rostas, University of Newcastle
Dr A.N.B.Johnston, University of New England


Professor James McGaugh, University of California Irvine
Dr Nicola Clayton, University College Davis
Dr James Newman, Denver CO
Professor Erica Stern, University of Minnesota
Professor Sal Restivo, Tuft's, Massachusets
Dr Steve Miles,Centre for Biomedical Ethics, Minneapolis
Dr C.David Hunt, New Jersey Medical School
Dr Tomas Robischon, Antioch University, Los Angeles
Professor Helen Q. Kivnick, University of Minnesota
Helen Longino, University of Minnesota
Joanne Lynn, MD, The George Washington University
Professor Bicholas Christakis, University of Chicago
Dr James Tulsky, Duke University
Josephine Fowler, student
Dr Lawrence M.White, MD, Berkely
Professor Alan Pred, University of California at Berkely
Marilor Marecaux, PhD student, University of Minnesota
Professor Sara Evans, University of Minnesota
Daniel Dennett, Distinguished Professor, Tufts University
Amy Kaminsky, University of Minnesota
Professor Janko Nikolic-Zugic, Cornell University, New York

Christoph Luthy, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin
Professor Wolf Singer, Max Planck Insttitute for Brain research

The Netherlands
Dr Maria Gulinello, University of Utrecht

Arild Danielsen, Vestfold College, Tonsberg

Dr Konatantin Anokhin, Moscow
Dr Anna Tiunova, Moscow

United Arab Emirates
Professor Mija Lukic, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, AlAin

Elfa Yr Gulfadottir, University of Iceland

Lucia Regolin
To: R.Mileusnic@open.ac.uk

Dear Buca,
thank you so much for this initiative to support the students from Serbia
in their protest for democracy and freedom of opinion .Please transmit my
full sympathy to your collegues in Serbia.We are following their courageous
demonstrations with empathy and I wish them wholeheartedly that they may be
successful in their attempt to change the political and intellectual
climate in Serbia ,to overcome nationalism and to reinstall true democracy.
With warm regards , Yours Wolf Singer,Frankfurt,Germany.