Please calm down. there's nothing wrong with a little profanity. And it is a well known fact that we have nothing against cursing, swearing, using bad language, using four letter words, using the F word, the L word, the M word, the P word, the T word, and all the other words. Free speech, ladies and gentlemen, was one of the very few things that made the US a better place than a lot of other places to spend one's days and nights. And it is a well known fact that the poor, little, human beings first try to imagine an environment they would like to live in. Then they either write a book about it, or they try to change their environment so it would resemble the imagined one. Usually it does not work. Even if it does work, they find out it is not at all as they imagined it. Hell being other people, they are in the way of things running smoothly. Some people do not write a book or try to change their own environment. They shop around for an environment that will resemble the imagined one the most.

Which category do we fall into? We'd rather not say.

Providing that people who write books about different Utopias are actually hoping that some other people will rise and change the environment to resemble the suggested one, we can only say that we hope that we're not that naive. We do not pretend it's our moral responsibility to warn and inform. We would find no satisfaction in being called anything similar to a "conscience of our generation." Still, like Mr. Orwell, we are willing to "face ourselves and the realities of our time with stubborn honesty". Not that it ever did us any good. It didn't do any good to poor George either.

What is the matter with us? Can't we just sit on the side and watch the hypocrisy and injustice all over the place and pretend it's none of ours? I mean, if so many other people seem not to care and are obviously not bothered by it, who are we to ring some big bells about it? Well, majority is NEVER right, but that is only one more reason to keep quiet and pretend to agree. Can't we make an effort and at least pay a lip service to the prevailing fads and trends and than find some easy justification for our behavior and go on with our little lives? You know, like we had to behave like that in order to keep our job, or because we have our habits or our family to support?

All right, we did read somewhere that lies, if they accumulate, would bring a form of totalitarianism to the society. In which case we will suffer together with everybody although we did try to warn and inform and nobody (of any importance) listened. So it really is not fair that we share the destiny of those who listened to the wrong guys or, probably worse, were able to see where the things are going and were able to do something about it, but did nothing.

American rigid individualism still provides the best opportunity in cases like this: if you want to escape the traps of "belonging" and absolutes, you may be lucky enough to survive on your own and even maybe join a few individuals who think in a similar way. Alas, there are forces around us that would like to bring back the limitations in a form of myths and "values" (absolutes) of either family, party, race, ethnicity, even class or a profession. In a time of crisis it's a little easier to survive with the help of your "own". But as soon as similarities between the members of a group are exaggerated, and the same happens with the differences between one group and the others, we start living a lie and totalitarianism is just around the corner.

Here we go again. This is far too serious for a nice foreword to a play called SEX LIFE OF THE UNABOMBER, which will be our next offering ( Sex Life ). And this foreword was supposed to be entertaining and maybe even funny. Sorry about this. We can't apologize enough.

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