What is New World Order Theater?

This is a tough one. During those happy, youthful, drunken, high-spirited, debauchery filled days in the capital of the former Yugoslavia, Branko's little group of marry men and women gave performances under the proud banner of the so called EVENT THEATER.

During some less happy but still relatively youthful days in Iowa City, Branko did AMSTERDAM UNDERGROUND as part of the BAD TASTE THEATER COMPANY later known as New Moon Comedy Theatre and went on to work with Frank Bartella for the ALTERNATIVE THEATER.

From Iowa City we go to Eugene, Oregon. And that is where THE NEW WORLD ORDER THEATER came into being, alas, the show that we did, THE MAGNIFICENT SOVIET ROBINSON had to be produced for something called either Back Porch Theater or Front Yard Theater or something that is neither Front neither Back, neither Yard or a Porch but something completely different. So, the name stayed to await batter days.

And they did come, three years later in San Francisco. After Branko did the first version of Prague Underground, as an attempt of reviving the Event Theater, there came a chance to do a better version of THE MAGNIFICENT SOVIET ROBINSON, this time as a New World Order Theater project.

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