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Standard offers Speed and ART
All our services have:
  • Domain Name registration with InterNIC
  • Primary and secondary DNS services for registered domain
  • Virtual Web hosting
  • E-mail addresses of your choice with virtual E-mail feature
  • Two E-mail aliases
  • POP3 mail server access for E-mail (incoming) and mail forwarding
  • FTP access for WWW maintenance
  • E-mail Form processing
  • WWW access counter
  • Server logs

Minimum period is three (3) months. Setup fee and first three months are due in advance.
We are not responsible for InterNIC fees. Current InterNIC fees are $70.- for two (2) years.
In addition customer must select on of the following services:


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Type 1:
Web space of up to 5 MB
Monthly bandwidth up to
500 MB
Price: $29.95
Setup: $50.-

Type 2:
Web space of up to 10 MB
Monthly bandwidth up to
1000 MB
Price: $39.95
Setup: $75.-

Type 3:
Web space of up to 25 MB
Monthly bandwidth up to
2500 MB
Price: $49.95
Setup: $100.-

Type 4:
Web space of up to 50 MB
Monthly bandwidth up to
5000 MB
Price: $99.95
Setup: $200.-

The price for our web design depends on various things - like number of pages, number of graphics, special demands, requests for scripts (Java and/or VB), etc.
It starts with
500 US$ for something like this "Strategic Partnership" presentation (the one you are reading right now).
See some more web design examples at

For more information about our web design please contact us at