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YU_FILM_2: YUQ TEXT: Kusturica drops pledge to quit filmmaking

YUQ TEXT: Kusturica drops pledge to quit filmmaking

Aleksandar Jevtic (Galaxy@ix.netcom.com)
Fri, 19 Jul 96 04:56:25 GMT

PARIS (Reuter) - Emir Kusturica, the Sarajevo-born director
who pledged to quit filmmaking after his controversial film
``Underground,'' provoked accusations he was a Serb apologist
will begin filming a comedy, his producers said Wednesday.
French producer CIBY 2000 said the Sarajevo-born director,
who lives in Normandy and became a French national three months
ago, would start filming a comedy in April entitled ``The
Swedish King, on his bicycle, Friday afternoon...''
Kusturica, 42, vowed in December to stop directing after his
film, which won the Golden Palm Award at Cannes and promotes the
idea of a united Yugoslavia, was denounced by critics in Bosnia
and by some French intellectuals including Alain Finkielkraut as
Serb propaganda.
``Underground'' spans the 50 tumultuous years from the Nazi
bombing of Belgrade in 1941 to the war in Bosnia, as seen by
partisans trapped in a cellar.
The new film will star France's Daniel Auteuil, who won a
joint best actor prize at this year's Cannes festival for ``The
Eighth Day.'' Asked where the comedy would be filmed, a
spokeswoman replaied: ``It could be filmed anywhere. It's
nothing like his earlier films, it's a complete turnaround.''
Kusturica is the most successful director to emerge from
former Yugoslavia and his 1985 film ``When Father was Away on
Business'' also won the Cannes Golden Palm. In 1989, he was
voted best director at Cannes for ``The Time of the Gypsies.''

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