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Ambassador denied that Sakic and his wife are hiding in Croatian
diplomatic facility

Washington, D.C. (April 14, 1998) -- The Croatian Ambassador to the
United States -- Miomir Zuzul -- speaking on behalf of Croatian
President Franjo Tudjman, told B'nai B'rith International President
Tommy P. Baer today that it intends to put notorious Nazi Dinko
Sakic on trial for his crimes. At a meeting at the Embassy, Zuzul
asked Baer to be an official observer at the trial and to "help and
support in the search for evidence and witnesses."

Sakic and his wife disappeared after an Argentine television
station reported that the couple had been living openly in an
Argentine resort town since 1947. Immediately after the broadcast
Baer called on Argentina to immediately arrest Sakic. The
Ambassador denied reports that Sakic has sought refuge or asylum in
any Croatian diplomatic facility. "They do not know his whereabouts
but are determined to bring him to justice in Croatia, wherever he
might turn up," said Baer.

The Ambassador assured Baer that "it is in the best interest of
both Argentina and Croatia" that Sakic be apprehended and
extradited to Croatia to stand trial for his actions as the
commandant of the Jasenovac death camps (62 miles south of Zagreb)
where 600,000 people -- including 25,000 Jews -- were murdered by
the Nazis and Croatian collaborators.

"This trial will be an opportunity for Croatia to demonstrate a
complete and clear break with the past and to prove that the
Croatia of the 1940s is far removed from the Croatia of today,"
said Baer after the meeting. "The world will be watching this

The Ambassador assured Baer, a Richmond, Virginia-based attorney,
that international media, non-governmental organizations and
international observers will have complete and unimpeded access to
the trial.

At today's meeting, Baer expressed his dismay that President
Tudjman met with Sakic in Argentina in 1994. While embassy
officials acknowledged that the two met, they did not confirm
reports of a private 17-minute meeting.

B'nai B'rith has been leading the call for Sakic to be tried for
his crimes against humanity. In 1995 Baer with Croatian President
Tudjman to call for Sakic to stand trial.

Like Switzerland, Argentina and other countries, Baer told the
Croatian officials today that they too should examine their history
with the Nazis. Baer welcomed the Ambassador's offer to provide
B'nai B'rith representatives with "unrestricted access" to their
World War II-era archives.

Other participants from the Embassy at today's meeting were
Andrijia Jakovcevic, deputy chief of mission and Branko Baricevic,
minister-counselor. George Spectre, associate director of the B'nai
B'rith's Center for Public Policy also attended.

B'nai B'rith, with members in 56 countries including Croatia,
Argentina, Israel and the United States, is the world's largest
Jewish organization.