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  1. Tesla - man and researcher
  2. Personal belongings, correpondence, instruments
  3. The urn with Tesla's ashes
  4. "A fairy tale of electricity"
  5. The polyphase system and its application
  6. Tesla's transformer and wireless transmision
  7. The remote control system, recognitions

The Museum of Nikola Tesla in Belgrade keeps complete personal belongings of Nikola Tesla, which were, according to his last will and thanks to the exceptional efforts of his nephew Sava Kosanović, collected and transfered to Belgrade after his deathin New York in 1943. The wealth of arhive material, consisting of more than 150.000 various document referring to the life and creative work of Nikola Tesla, as well as the significance of his inventions which are presented at the exhibition, make this Museum a unique institution both in Yugoslavija and in the world.

The urn with Tesla's ashes is also kept in the Museum. Among numerous words of recognition that the visitors from all over the world exspressed both to Tesla and the Museum, the words of the great physicits Niels Bohr are particulary worth of noting:

" Tesla's ingenious invention of polyphase system as well as his explorations of the amazing phenomenon of high frequency oscillatoions were the basis for developing completly new conditions for industry and radio communications, and had a profund influence upon the whole civilisation. With the greatest awe one can not help wondering how Tesla could achive such a success and exert so great an influence in the contries which at that time were most developed both in the field of science and industry, and not in the country in which he was born and in which he grew up and from where his exploring and independent spirit originated."

The Museum of Nikola Tesla fully confirm these words of recognition.

The Museum of Nikola Tesla is in Belgrade, at 51 Proleterskih brigada street (at the corner of Proleterskih brigada and Prote Mateje streets). It was founded in 1952, and opened for visitors on October 20th, 1955.

On the ground floor there is a permanent exhibition of Tesla and his work.

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