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Yurope business partners




Yurope on-line communications proudly presents selected list of our business partners:

  • YUqwest - virtualni skup ljudi sa prostora bivse SFRJ
  • Beer Kingdom - a manual for better living in the post WWIII world of the 21st century
  • Smooth Moving - moving company
  • International Investment Trust - company for preservation of intellectual property
  • Job 22 - professional and free legal help to refugees and displaced persons of Bosnia
  • Cyber Zid - multi-media production enterprise
  • Pogled - company for collecting, processing and selling agricultural and forest products
  • Djikic Software Development - a software development company
  • Republika - glasilo gradjanskog samooslobadjanja
  • Mostovi - glasilo Udruzenja knjizevnih prevodilaca Srbije


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Yurope on-line communications offers a wide range of services suitable for businesses and individuals. We are providing business solutions in area of Internet presence, advertising and E-commerce. Our high Internet visibility and professional team makes Yurope a perfect partner for marketing, content providing and consulting. Please check our prices and services.
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Yurope online communications
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