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Yurope books


books2.gif (6336 bytes) "And then came the dark times, when the clever shut up,
fools were talkative, and the scum got rich."

From "Signs Along the Road" by Ivo Andric (1892-1975),
recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature for 1961



Danil Harms: Slucajevi
This book is in Serbian Language. Two document encoding (see note on document encoding ) are available:

Sorry, no English translations yet.

Tears through time - a novel by Boris Vukov
Pijanino u blatu - Predrag Ristic

Sen's Archive on Yurope


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Yurope Mirror
Yurope maintains mirror of Danish archive ( Slavisk Institut Aarhus, Denmark ) on Yurope FTP site.This archive contains large collection of books in Serbo-Croatian compiled by Henning Moerk.
Thanks to Borut Maricic , Yurope has HTML version of Danish archive prepared in Latin2 document encoding. Enjoy ...

Yurope FTP
There is a large book repository at Yurope FTP in simple TEXT format organized as:

Books in one of the languages from former Yugoslavia (mostly Serbo-Croatian)
YU Rock'n'Roll Lyrics (language: Serbo-Croatian)

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