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The brutal police actions have ceased making it possible for the students of Belgrade to walk again. We shall continue our protests until all our demands are accepted. The so-called lex specialis is a nice way for Milosevic to protect his people who have committed electoral frauds. Still, we shall insist that they be punished and that the chancellor and student vice-chancellor resign.

As long as this situation is taking place in Belgrade, on this page you will be able to find the latest news about the happenings here, so reload this page often.

Latest Events Updated
Students Protests Continue 16.02.1997 (20:00 GMT)
Belgrade Students Continue the Protest 14.02.1997 (16:35 GMT)
Students' Open Letter To Mira Markovic 14.02.1997 (16:30 GMT)
Teachers Protest Throughout Serbia 14.02.1997 (16:20 GMT)
Refugees Condemn the Serbian Parliament Speaker 14.02.1997 (16:10 GMT)
Belgrade Electoral Commission Verifies Elections 14.02.1997 (16:00 GMT)

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