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Leading and award winning content and connectivity provider for countries of former Yugoslavia announces support for Electronic commerce!

Yurope offers a wide range of services suitable for businesses and individuals. We are providing business solutions in area of Internet presence, advertising and E-commerce.

Yurope can help solve your business or individual needs. Our high Internet visibility and professional team makes Yurope a perfect partner for marketing, content providing and consulting.

Yurope covers information and interesting projects coming from countries of former Yugoslavia, including various newspapers, magazines, art and books. Also, Yurope hosts various individuals, non-political groups, media, organizations and businesses.

Yurope is an Internet Presence and Content Provider located in the Silicon Valley, California, USA, with representatives and contacts in Southern European countries. Yurope's history reaches back before the times of the Internet, when we were a Fidonet bulletin board system. Yurope was the first site on the Internet dedicated solely to the South European, South Slavic topics.Founded in 1993 in San Francisco, California, USA as Yurope BBS by Miroslav Dragojevic. Moved to Cupertino, CA in 1994 and changed name to Yurope on-line communications. Registered domain "yurope.com" in June '94 and started providing Internet services (mail, HTTP, FTP).

Today, Yurope is multi-homed and a host to many virtual domains: non-profit organizations, businesses, daily newspapers, magazines and individuals.

Yurope is not affiliated with any philanthropic organization present in former Yugoslavia, and is independent of any political party or agenda.

Since its inception Yurope has been dedicated to providing up-to-date, pertinent and quality information to its audience. Following market trends throughout the years, Yurope has never given up its idea (the idea of the Internet as a medium, if you will) of providing dynamic, interactive information, in many cases changing daily. Because Yurope is dedicated to providing content to an audience which may be remote to the source of information, Yurope has gained natural popularity in growing professional immigrant communities in United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Besides providing information, in many ways Yurope is a forum, a place to be and find others with shared interests and similar backgrounds. Because of all this it is our estimate that retention rate for Yurope visitors is well over 50%, i.e. of all the surfers who hit on a Yurope page, about two out of three will come back. This percentage is about twice the percentage of an average web site.

Yurope is listed with all major search engines and directories on the Internet, and has won many Web awards.

Besides transfer logs, Yurope has analyzed its demographics using varying other methods, such as Netscape Persistent Cookies, site registration, surveying and e-mail statistics.

Most traffic to Yurope comes from computers located within United States and Canada (58%). About one third of traffic is from western European countries such as Germany, UK, Sweden and also Australia and New Zealand. The rest (about 10%) is from former Yugoslavia countries (Yugoslavia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia). Occasional visitors from other parts of the world round the global reach of Yurope's projects.

A solid 50% of Yurope's visitors are accessing the Internet through commercial domains (.com, .co.uk, .co.yu, etc.) They are mostly professionals accessing the site from their places of employment (about two-thirds of 50%) and the rest are accessing from commercial dial-up Internet providers (AOL, CompuServe, Netcom and the like). Educational (.edu, .ac.uk, .ac.yu, etc.) domains are represented with about 30% . Government and non-profit organizations comprise the rest of the regular Yurope visitors.

Yurope is an advertising agent for all its web hosting clients.

Yurope gets about 120,000 hits every day from three to four thousand surfers, a fantastic ratio of eight pages visited per customer. Click through rates for advertisers on Yurope (up to 70% in some cases!) tend to be much higher than the industry standard (around 20%). This may be attributed to several factors. Yurope is very rich with content and provides accurate and timely information.

Please contact marketing@yurope.com for further details. If you are not sure how to best utilize Yurope in your marketing efforts, simply send us information about your company and our marketing consultants will create a proposal for you that will focus your marketing efforts to the group most likely to be interested in your products, services or information.

Yurope is a leader for marketers interested in the South European audience

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